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About Us

Business Waterford

The Economic Development Department of Waterford City & County Council is the team behind Business Waterford. Business Waterford aims to attract businesses / employees and encourage entrepreneurship in the Waterford region by providing information which highlights:

  • Opportunities and supports available for new & existing enterprises.
  • Economic benefits and connectivity of a Waterford location.
  • Business success stories.
  • Availability of an adaptable and skilled workforce.
  • Quality of research and innovation centres.
  • Career progression opportunities.
  • Quality of life in the sunny South East.

Meet the Team

A team of over 20 people work in Economic Development in Dungarvan & Waterford City. The overall aim of the department is to ensure the sustainable development of Waterford; there are three primary teams and each team concentrates on a different aspect of economic development.

Michael Quinn


Michael Quinn is the head of Economic Development. The aim of this department is to make Waterford City and County the best place to live, work, invest, do business and visit. Activities in this department include; analysis of the current business climate, making and implementing plans, identifying opportunities, compiling reports, attracting FDI, tourism development, distributing budgets and engaging in strategic planning. Goals identified here often filter into other teams within the Economic Development Department.

Michael Quinn
Director of Services: Economic Development & Planning
T: +353 (0)761 10 2434

Billy Duggan Lr

Under Economic Development Billy Duggan has responsibility for:

  • Management of the department to ensure strategic objectives are achieved.
  • Resource management and problem solving to promote economic development in Waterford.
  • Engaging with stakeholders to identify needs and ensure that Council support provides maximum benefit to the local economy.
  • Leading the tourism team, who are tasked with developing and promoting Waterford as a tourist destination.
  • Meetings Administrator for the Metropolitan District Council.

Billy Duggan
Senior Executive Officer: Economic Development
T: +353 (0)761 10 2890

Richie Walsh Sml


This team is led by Richie Walsh and is a ‘first stop shop’ providing support to start, grow and develop micro businesses (any business with under 10 employees). Services provided include; information, training, mentoring, financial support & networking.

Richie Walsh
Head of Local Enterprise Office: Economic Development
T: +353 (0)761 10 2541

Rmaddock  Sample


This team is led by Rupert Maddock and is tasked with projects involving improvements to the Public Realm in urban centres in Waterford City and County. Once public areas have been identified that require upgrading the team steps in to plan and execute the work.

Rupert Maddock
Senior Architect: Economic Development
T: +353 (0)761 10 2810