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Fibre Broadband Infrastructure

Both Waterford City and Dungarvan  are enabled with fibre infrastructure known as the Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). These networks are capable of delivering cutting-edge communications and information services, such as superfast broadband and offer access to virtually unlimited broadband speeds. All industrial and business parks in Waterford City are connected to this highly advanced fibre network, as well as other commercial locations in county Waterford.

The MANs operate on an open-access basis meaning that all retail service providers can have access. This model allows for competition and enhances the range, quality and competitiveness of telecoms solutions available. For example, there are currently 19 service providers using the MAN in Waterford City.

Benefits of Open Access Fibre Network:

  • Bandwidth bottleneck is removed – Fibre is capable of delivering 10Mbs, 100Mbs or 1000Mbs +
  • Bandwidth is guaranteed i.e. 100Mbs is a guaranteed 100Mbs
  • Bandwidth is reliable - same upload & download speed
  • Fibre broadband can facilitate business enabling applications eg. cloud services + video conferencing
  • A second line is an option for businesses where communications are critical to business
  • Scalable solutions - as your business needs evolve, you can scale up to higher speeds
  • Wide range of service providers available over a single network – creating competition
  • Market competitive pricing for fibre broadband
  • World class Service Level agreement in place
Utilities Energy


Waterford has a secure and sustainable energy supply. The City offers a 220kv & 110 Kv electricity supply and the county is traversed by a 220kv & 110 kv network (with 38kv and 20kv distribution lines providing local electrical supply).

Waterford’s energy sources:

  • A 440 MW gas fired generation plant
  • Wind farms with a generation capacity of 60MW
  • 24,000 hectares of public and private forestry
  • An extensive gas network available in Waterford City, Tramore and Kilmeaden

Waterford City & County Council supports and facilitates the development of enhanced electricity supplies in Waterford along with the further development of the natural gas network and alternative renewable energy technologies.

Utilities Water


Following significant capital investment in infrastructure Irish Water can provide access to water in Waterford and across the country that is:

  • Secure
  • Competitively priced
  • Of an appropriate standard
  • Managed to meet environmental standards
  • Collected and treated after use

For more information on water supply for business visit Irish Water