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What can Waterford offer my Company?

It makes Financial Sense!

- Companies in Waterford can avail of Ireland's low Corporate Tax rate of 12.5%, combined with favourable Double-Tax agreements.

- Ireland also has a 25% R&D Tax Credit available to companies. . 

- Waterford has lower Property prices and rents than any other city in Ireland. 

- Zero-rated Sales Tax (Value-Added Tax, or VAT) to all exports outside of the EU.

- Zero-rated Sales Tax to all Intra-EU countries, where the buyer is also VAT registered.

- Retailers can avail of the Retail Support Grant if they satisfy certain conditions.

Excellent Infrastructure;

  • High-quality transport infrastructure and services, delivering your product to market in optimum time. 
  • The Port of Waterford is Ireland's closest multi-modal port to Continental Europe, connected by road and rail to Ireland's national transport system. In fact, it is the only shipping port in Ireland which is directly served by the Irish Rail network. 
  • Waterford is easily accessible from other cities by road, such as Dublin & Cork (90 minutes travel time).
  • Waterford is well served by public transport networks such as bus and rail. 
  • Waterford has ample available office-space, Industrial premises & warehousing solutions. 
  • Waterford City & County's population is expected to grow by approx 50% in the next 20 years. 
  • Retail is thriving in Waterford, and is set to grow exponentially with the North Quays proposed Development:
  • The developments include 40,000 sq m of retail space, one-quarter of which will be made up of the new shopping complex on Michael Street. A mix of offices and 300 apartment units, as well as a hotel and convention space, are proposed for the 90,000 sq m North Quays site.


In the words of businessman Patsy Carney, "the city and its environs have been a vital ally".

  • Waterford is home to a number of prestigious multinational companies. 
  • Moreover, it is also home to a number of associated service industries which allow companies to focus on their core products and competencies. 
  • Central & local government in Waterford are committed to growing the local economy, and in fulfilling Waterford's role as the economic driver of Ireland's South East region. 
  • Business stakeholders across Waterford City and County have become accustomed to working together to grow the economy, achieve synergistic benefits for their organisations, and to grow the Business Network in Waterford & the South East. 
  • Networking events have become a regular occurrence in Waterford since the recession ended, with business leaders recognizing that collaboration and outsourcing allow them to constantly receive best-in-practice advice and make excellent contacts with service providers. 

Waterford is a Research & Development Hub

Waterford has internationally recognised centres of excellence for research, such as TSSG at WIT

We also have ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre which, amongst a myriad of other services, can provide links for businesses to the wider R&D community in Waterford, thereby getting access to the most up-to-date and potentially game-changing advances in R&D. 

Waterford Institute of Technology has a strong commitment to building lasting relationships with the business world, and its level of interaction with the local, national and international business community is growing each year. The Institute has developed a wide network that brings together inventors, researchers, venture capitalists, business angels and entrepreneurs across a spectrum of industries from multinationals to SME driving the development of the knowledge economy in the South-East region and beyond. Research by its nature is collaborative. WIT is open to and actively encourages research collaborations with academic, public sector and industry partners, and has a keen focus on the translation of research knowledge into tangible socio-economic outputs.

Collaboration can take a number or forms, based on the needs of the external client companies and the level of interaction with the Institute or research group:

  • Joint research & development projects
  • Contract research
  • Licensing of existing technologies or know how
  • Access to specialist equipment and research facilities
  • Access to funding to support innovation through Innovation Partnerships/Vouchers
  • Accessing the specialist knowledge of our academic and research community

Examples of past collaboration and case studies can be found in the above link.