Reginalds Tower

Waterford’s Viking Triangle – It’s a Great Place

Published on 18 Nov 2016
Ao U Vtaward1

Morris Conway, Rupert Maddock, Ali Jay, Billy Duggan (L-R) - Economic Development Department Waterford City and County Council

Waterford won against formidable contenders; Greenwich Market, London and Leicester Market, Leicester. The Viking Triangle is one of the oldest and most notable high quality urban districts in Ireland and has countless historic visitor attractions within. As described in a specially commissioned poem written for the winning entry:

The Viking Triangle

As though lines were etched between the horns
On a Viking’s helmet, down to his chinguard
And right back up again, the shape that’s drawn’s
A kind of Viking Triangle. The idea’s not hard:
A memory of the Vikings, a commemoration
Of city walls a whole millennium old,
That you can stroll by in a peregrination   
Of the sort they might have made. Be bold
And pretend you’re from the past as you visit Christchurch Cathedral and Reginald’s Tower
As history fans out from the Vikings, makes explicit
That heritage is a continuum; feel the power
Of remembering then re-remembering this:
Clear as Waterford Crystal, triangulating bliss.

Ian McMillan
Poet in Residence, Academy of Urbanism 

“Supported by a strong historical narrative and harnessing the best of their assets, their [Waterford Viking Triangle] strategy has been simple yet effective. Public funding has served as a catalyst and with local buy-in this has led to an improved perception of the area. In turn this has enhanced the quality of life and competitiveness of local business which is leading to private sector investment.” - Nick Childs, Lead Assessor - Academy of Urbanism
Viking Triangle
“I am proud of this prestigious award for our urban landscape in Waterford City and of the recognition the academy has bestowed by recognising the Viking Triangle as an awesome example of a contender worthy of winning The Great Place in Europe award”. Waterford’s Viking Triangle was recognised by the assessors to be more than ‘a traditional physical regeneration initiative.” - Cllr Adam Wyse, Mayor of the City & County of Waterford
Museum After

The Academy of Urbanism is a politically independent, not-for-profit organisation that brings together both the current and next generation of urban leaders, thinkers and practitioners. The Economic Development team at Waterford City and County Council are delighted to be associated with the Academy and the European wide recognition which follows such an award. The Forward Planning team led by Mr. Rupert Maddock, Senior Architect commends the work of the many teams involved and the wider community all of whom have played a strong and vibrant role in the living initiative that is Waterford’s Viking Triangle.