Mayor Adam Wyse

Real Leadership Needed on the Waterford Boundary Issue

Published on 20 Feb 2017

Minister Simon Coveney’s reaction to the Boundary Commission’s recommendation has been disappointing. The Minister stated in local Waterford media that he will not be rushing to make decisions and that he will consider the report over the coming months. I strongly believe that this must be dealt with now. The independent commission has recommended the extension and Waterford Council should be given the go ahead to begin developing and servicing the Area of Interest, at a higher level than it currently can, due to the restrictions that the current boundary line creates.

Our Government and national politicians are elected to serve the people of their constituencies and in a wider sense the entirety of Ireland.

“I want to see real leadership from Minister Coveney and ask that he implements the reports recommendation with immediate effect prior to any leadership contest which may take place within his party. ” - Mayor Adam Wyse, Waterford City & County Council

Anyone who has a goal of leading this country at the highest level such as Taoiseach should have the interests of the entire country in mind when making a decision. This boundary extension can be a real game changer for Waterford and I worry about our possible expansion and growth into the future if we are not given the opportunity to invest in infrastructure in a strategic fashion.

Boundary Extension Waterford

The committee that produced the boundary report was established under the previous government to review the administrative boundaries between the City and County of Waterford and County Kilkenny. The Minister asked for the independent commission to be established and three independent people reviewed the entire case over a lengthy period. The public have consulted the commission on this issue heavily and they still believed that the best option is to recommend a boundary extension. 

“This is a recommendation that all thirty two elected members of Waterford Council support and one that I, as Mayor of Waterford City & County, fully endorse.” - Mayor Adam Wyse, Waterford City & County Council

It is one of four such boundary reviews that have been carried out around the country but is the only one to have reached a view of actually extending the boundary. The long term benefits of this boundary extension for Waterford City, the Area of Interest and the entire South East region have been reported at multiple times. If Waterford is to become the economic hub of the South East it can only do so with continued development on both sides of the River Suir. It has been reported in local government reviews that no urban area can see real positive growth if it is governed by two separate authorities. Two separate executive teams, two different political ideologies and motivations, internal competition, vested interests and multiple other outstanding factors will affect the decision making process for any local authority. Not only will the commission’s recommendation allow our city to expand concentrically like any city should, it will allow Waterford Council to provide the fine level of service within the area as it does through other parts of Waterford City & County.

Download: Waterford Boundary Review Report